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Full Service BBQ Catering

Meals better than a full service BBQ caterer!

Many people believe you have to go to Austin, Memphis or Kansas City in order to get good barbecue. After all, they are famous for it, and everyone there has a favorite barbeque restaurant to recommend. This is great if you live in these cities or go there on vacation, but if you live in San Diego, it can be quite a challenging to find great barbecue.

Fortunately, Laine's Bar-B-Que provides great barbeque with all the traditional side-dishes and desserts to all of San Diego County.  

Since every barbeque lover has different preferences in regional styles, Laine's doesn't limit itself to the cuisine from just one area. Instead, we draw from multiple regions to provide an assortment of delicious foods. Our motto reflects this philosophy. We believe, "no matter the region, our que will please 'em".

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