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BBQ Catering Prices

Variables that Affect BBQ Catering Prices

It's impossible to give predictions of BBQ catering prices because there are several variables that go into them. However, by considering these variables, you can guess whether the cost for your event will be higher than the baseline.

The service level is one of the biggest determinants of overall catering costs. If you simply have the caterers drop the food off at your venue, this will eliminate most of the service costs. However, most people will want at least some sort of service to be provided. This lets the host or hostess be part of the fun, instead of standing behind a table ladling out food. Wedding receptions definitely need the food to be served by the caterer, because the bride should not be doing food service work on her big day.

If you choose the basic service level from Laine's Bar-B-Que, they'll come in with pre-cooked food and set up a buffet table. Your guests will then serve themselves from this table. The higher tier of service adds a serving crew, who will plate food up for your guests as they go through the buffet line.

These services have add-on options, which increase the price but enhance the experience. One of the most popular options for on-site BBQ catering is on-site grilling. With this, the food is cooked right at the venue. Needless to say, this smells great, draws attention, and makes the food taste the absolute freshest.

Another add-on is disposable chafing dishes and fuel. This allows those who order delivery to heat some of the food themselves while avoiding the need to get out their own cooking dishes.

Finally, who you hire to do your catering has a big impact on BBQ catering prices. Typically, the best restaurants charge more for on-site BBQ catering, but it's worth the cost to get their superior food and service.

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